About Deta

DETA is an established international brand that represents a broad range of innovative, versatile wiring accessory products offering product solutions for both the domestic and trade businesses.

The DETA brand is continuously being developed with new products designed to meet the ever changing market demand and are designed in accordance with local and international market trends.

Our range of wiring accessories is competitively priced and provide a broad range of ultra-modern, elegantly styled products suitable for both domestic and commercial environments, all designed with ease of use in mind.

Products in the wiring accessory category are subject to stringent product designs and standards. Designing and maintaining high quality and compliant products is of paramount importance to DETA and requires significant expertise and experience.

DETA products meet all requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards and approvals. All manufacturing is carried out in a strict quality controlled environment.

The company’s considerable investment program extends beyond product development in achieving our main objective of real customer satisfaction.

Part of DETA’s innovation is demonstrated by continually developing, monitoring and delivering customer service programs to help us understand our customers’ demands and needs.

DETA is proud to be part of the Australian industry offering quality products at competitive prices and backed by trade expertise and friendly customer service.