DETA 4 Outlet Outdoor Work-Tuff Power Cube

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  • 4 outlets with dust-proof and water-proof cover
  • Double pole illuminated master On/Off switch
  • 1.4m mains cord
  • IP44 dust-proof and water-proof rating
  • Hook, magnet, and tripod mounting point for easy installation

The 4 outlet outdoor power cube by DETA is the ideal power solution for your home and outdoor areas. It is built with a durable, IP44 rated casing with spring-loaded covers over each outlet to protect against dust and water. This power cube includes a 1.4 metre mains cord to bring power to wherever you need. The bottom of the power cube features a hook, a magnet, and a tripod screw hole allowing for many ways to mount the power cube. The high visibility orange casing ensures that you never lose your power cube again.