DETA Microwave sensor with Remote

  • For Highbay DET010HB_DET015HB_DET020HB
  • 5.8Ghz C-band Microwave Sensing
  • On/Off ; Dimming Level Adjustable
  • Selectable Settings: 1. On-Time Setting on Sensing Mode 2. Light On-time Setting on No Movement detection 3. Light output on No Movement Detection
  • Detection Range : 16-18m in Diameter @ 12m mounting height
  • Mounting height : 12m max
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This Sensor & Remote control kit is to be used in conjunction to DETA Highbay lights DET010HB,DET015HB or DET020HB.

This kit when connected on the Highbay light allows the user to achieve more added functions and control like On/Off ; dimming's level adjustments ; on-time setting on sensing mode light on-time setting on no further movement detection ; light output on no movement detection.